TUPE win for Keelys LLP

Our client lost a contract with a local authority to provide support to homeless people. We advised the client that the employees should transfer to the new provider but they argued that TUPE did not apply due to differences in how they would provide the services. After a four day hearing, the employment tribunal has confirmed that our advice was correct and that the employees should have transferred. That judgement has saved our client tens of thousands of pounds and is a reminder of just how difficult it is to avoid TUPE when a contract changes hands.

Keelys at Birmingham Made Me

The_Employer_Strikes_BackKeelys exhibited at “Birmingham Made Me” at Birmingham City University. Paul Roberts, Head of our employment law department also spoke on the subject of “The Employer Strikes Back”. Paul explained that employment law is rarely as onerous as employers believe and that, with the right advice, they can achieve their commercial objectives without facing employment tribunal claims.