Homeowners triumph in claim against the garden’s most unwelcome plant

The mere mention of Japanese Knotweed is enough to send a chill down many a home buyer or seller.

A hugely destructive plant, it can spell the end for many a property transaction and it’s for this reason that a recent court battle is well worth publicising.

Its ability to destroy bricks, smash paving and spread incredibly fast are some of the reasons it’s so feared and not easily remedied.

Professionals, using heavy duty chemicals, and trained in how to eradicate it are the only solution.

So, news in recent weeks that Network Rail has lost an appeal against two Welsh homeowners after knotweed spread on their property is good news for many a householder, but bad for those who don’t stop it in its tracks.

Stephen Williams and Robin Waistell had sued the rail giant fearing the impact on their homes in Wales.

At a previous court hearing, Mr Waistell had been awarded £15,000, but Network Rail continued the fight, but now the Court of Appeal ruling will be food for thought after leading judges ruled in favour of the homeowners.

Landowners with this dreadful plant must face up to the problem and not try to weave around the issue.

We at Keelys say quality conveyancing is all about making potential buyers aware of what they need to know, no matter how much they may not wish to hear it. Our conveyancing team know that protecting clients in the process of hugely expensive financial transactions is ultimately what their job is.

Good conveyancers in Lichfield and elsewhere will flag up potential issues, such as Japanese Knotweed as early as possible leaving an opportunity to think the problem through before deciding what to do.

For reasons such as this expert conveyancing is so vital – property remains the most expensive purchase many people make and the issues are too important not to consider.

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