Keelys proud to play a part in Connected Futures

Keelys were honoured to have played a part in the recent Connected Futures careers exhibition at nearby Staffordshire University.

We were approached by the University Law School to give a talk at one of their Business/Commercial sessions for the annual careers event, which helps students prepare for their future – an offer we were eager to accept.

The annual Connected Futures event is a staple part of the University’s programme and is held in high esteem, making it a much anticipated occasion.

In a well-attended session, which lasted for around an hour and a half, Sian Peverill, one of our young lawyers, was the public face of Keelys doing a sterling job, fielding questions from eager students.

It is fair to say it was an engaging session, where Sian was able to give firsthand experience of what it is like to pursue law as a career. She was able to give a very open talk about her own route into what remains one of the top professions for many bright young graduates.

Now a much-changed profession to what it was a generation ago, Sian gave a very articulate presentation and got to meet many people connected with the university.

Whilst much can now be found online when it comes to careers, we believe such events are vital to give students a proper understanding of the legal profession, where they can have a meaningful dialogue with someone they can relate to.

As you can imagine Sian was asked some searching questions from an inquisitive audience and we have no doubt that as a result of Sian’s talk there will be many a career in law launched.

We’re very much looking forward to the 2019 Connected Futures!