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Divorce needs sensitivity and is more than a start of year phenomenon

There is a tendency at the start of the year for many law firms, who deal in family law to discuss the issue of divorce more than at any other time.

However, we at Keelys have to admit to being a little uncomfortable in highlighting the fallout of a miserable festive season as a reason to go looking for legal help to end a marriage.

We are not too fond of the recent media invention of Divorce Day, which was January 8 – a concoction invented by the press to highlight the subject.

The Law Society Gazette recently wrote an article pouring cold water on the idea of a divorce day showing that there is little substance to it.

At Keelys, like all family laws experts in Lichfield and elsewhere, we know and understand that divorce is an incredibly painful episode in people’s lives – often cited as the most difficult process an individual can go through.

Therefore, the human aspect always needs be taken into account, before approaching this most sensitive of subjects.

All of our family team are qualified specialists and we take a proactive and sympathetic, yet pragmatic approach.

Our view is that whilst good family law firms are involved in helping oversee divorce, it has to always be looking at what is best for the client.

This means even sometimes telling the client that they may not be ready to divorce and to consider other channels, such as counselling to prepare for a final break.

Whilst we will always give you the best legal advice, what is also important is to take the time to listen to the individual and hear their story as no two stories are ever the same. This allows us to help you to a divorce that is custom made to suit your circumstances.

For many, we are often one of the main confidantes giving clear advice, sympathy and emotional support at a time when those we are working with can feel vulnerable, and struggling to cope with such a life changing event.

Keelys family lawyers will always do what is best for their client and see the bigger picture. Divorce deserves to be discussed maturely and much soul searching has to be done.

We can advise you on the options through which a divorce can be obtained including the collaborative process, which includes mediation, but with lawyers in the room.

Anyone who wishes to talk to Keelys in confidence about any matter surrounding divorce or family law can do so by contacting us on 01543 420000.

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