Children coping with divorce

The impact on children from divorce

The fallout of divorce in a family unit is devastating. Often the worst impact is on children involved. Every child reacts in a different way, whatever their age. They may feel like their whole life is changing and they have no control or input in it. Whilst there is assumption that children are deemed resilient and will get through a divorce with little or no effect on their lives, in fact they can struggle long-term with the decisions their parents have made.

Helping your children cope

It is quite common for children to feel they are to blame for their parents’ divorce leaving them with feelings of anger, resentment, and anxiety. These emotions also may arise from feelings of abandonment or loss of control. Helping your children throughout the divorce proceedings and decision making is imperative on their mental health and state of mind.

There are things you can do to improve the way your child copes with the changes surrounding them.

  • Arrange for you and your ex-partner to sit down and talk with your children regularly. Always put their feelings first and reassure them you both still love them. Children rely on stability and honesty in changing and uncertain times.
  • There are several books available specifically written and illustrated for children coping with divorce. These can help reassure your child to understand they are not alone, and what they are experiencing is normal. It also helps them open-up and talk about their feelings and concerns. For a list of this useful literature visit

If you still feel and can see your child is struggling with their feelings, then seek professional help.

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