Domestic Abuse and the Impact of the Economic Crisis

Figures from Women’s Aid recently revealed that 73% of women said the economic crisis has made it harder for them to leave their abusive partner physically or financially.  (

A difficult time:

Marriages and relationships can feel a strain at various times but the added stress of financial worries often makes the situation significantly worse, and levels of domestic abuse can increase as a result.

It feels at present like every news report provides more bad news about increasing costs of living, inflation, strikes etc.  Managing a home is harder than ever.

Feeling powerless:

If one of the partners to a relationship does not have access to their own money it can feel like an uphill battle to consider breaking free from the abuse.  It’s often made much more difficult when children are involved and even pets. 

Breaking free:

There is always a route out of a domestic abuse situation.  There are lots of organisations to help including:


The police:


How Julie Slater-Williams at Keelys LLP can help:

We can start by talking through your options and developing a plan.  We can guide and advise you on divorce and separation, children issues including safe contact, re housing and financial matters. Keelys LLP family departments solicitors have extensive experience in assisting victims of domestic abuse whether by way of injunctions, court applications or negotiations pertaining to the arrangements for children and ensuring fair settlement of financial assets by way of divorce. Talk to us on 01543 420011 or by email at

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