The divorce hotel: ready for a break of the permanent kind?

Relationship breakdown is devastating.  Making the choice to leave your marriage or receiving the news that that’s what your spouse wants is one of the most challenging events in a person’s life.  There is no question about that.  How you deal with it, is, or can be, within your choice.

The concept of a ‘divorce hotel’ can feel a bit gimmicky can’t it?  For those that aren’t familiar with the idea, it’s where a couple will finalise the plans for the exit from their marriage over the course of a hotel break – supported by experienced lawyers and potentially therapists and financial advisors. 

It is all too sudden do we think?  Is there enough breathing space to take stock of what’s happening?  Possibly not.

On the other hand, if you’ve digested the news that this is going to happen, do you want it to be dealt with in days rather than months?  Would you rather focus on the emotional recovery in the knowledge that the actual divorce and financial / children arrangements are sorted?  Agreed in an informal setting, by you and your spouse, the person with whom you’ve built a life.  Would you want to resolve the separation of that relationship with dignity and mutual respect?

I suspect a majority of people would say yes particularly if they were aware of the possible length, cost and stress of protracted litigation that often takes place in divorce / financial matters.

In that context, with the view to rebuilding your own life rather than spending months trying to disentangle the current one, it seems more appealing doesn’t it?

Collaborative family lawyers are experienced family practitioners, specially trained to assist clients in family law issues.  We meet with the collaborative lawyers of your spouse, with both spouses also present to discuss the issues and find a positive way forward.  This focuses everyone on finding the way forward in a way that meets the parties’ needs – needs that they explain clearly to each other, because they’re in the room together and can express it.

Collaborative lawyers can deal with the family law issues you face in a number of meetings – over a few weeks or a few days (so long as we have the information we need) – so a divorce hotel could certainly be an option with a collaborative lawyer.

Collaborative Law is a service we offer at Keelys.  Collaboratively trained lawyers are few and far between – we know what’s important to the people going through one of the moments in life that none of us wanted but we know we need to face, and we will help you to do so with positivity and dignity.   Collaborative lawyers are committed to dealing with matters in a room with the people whose lives are being decided, with a commitment and focus on positivity and the future relationship rather than a court batter.  Is this your preference too?  We hope so – if so, call us for a free initial chat.

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