The Emotional Strain of Divorce.  Awareness on World Mental Health Day – 10th October 2022.  

The Family department at Keelys LLP have many years’ experience dealing with clients experiencing one of the most stressful times of their lives.

We are highly experienced in unfolding the issue in a legal sense.  We can resolve or litigate your disputes in relation to your children and your finances.  That does not mean however, that we are ignorant to the emotions that you face when you divorce or separate.

On World Mental Health Day we want to acknowledge and highlight the effect that divorce and separation has on mental health.

How to help your mental health:

  1. It’s ok to feel out of control for a bit.  Your relationship was a ‘community’ which you had with your partner.  That has changed.  As a result your whole understanding of where you ‘belong’ and who you can turn to changes with it.  Don’t expect to know how you can rebuild your community immediately, but be open to the idea of it.  There is a big world out there ready and waiting for you to walk into it again.
  2. Use/ Find a support network.  This does not have to be a formal group, or a paid for group.  It can include your friends and family.  Ask for help when you need to talk.  Bear in mind however, that often family members will be dealing with their own emotional reactions to your relationship breakdown.  It often helps people to find support outside of the family for a more neutral, reasoned conversation about feelings and the future.  Talking is always good.
  3. Expect to go through the various stages of the grief cycle and acknowledge that you may move between them for a while.  There are 7 stages to the cycle:  Denial, Pain and Fear, Anger, Bargaining, Guilt, Depression and Acceptance.  Be mindful that both you and your former partner will go through these stages but most likely not at the same time or rate.  It is normal to feel any of the emotions in the cycle for some months.  Know that you will move through them though, if you try and focus on the new way of living which you are now going to consider for yourself.
  4. Try to retain perspective.  This feels like the most awful thing right now.  It doesn’t have to be awful forever.  Your life has more happiness to come.  You can find a new version of your life that may make you happier than you have ever felt before.  Have hope.
  5. Be open with your Solicitor.  Tell them your expectations and tell them what worries you about the process.  In all likelihood we will have met other clients with similar expectations and worries and we really want to reassure and help you. 

The Family Law team at Keelys LLP pride ourselves on being down to earth and we genuinely care for our clients emotionally as well as financially.  Please do give us a call if you want to discuss any family law issue.

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