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The Times has exposed the activities of Citation who are one of the biggest providers of support on health and safety, human resources and employment law:

Clients of Citation have claimed that they were pressured into signing long-term contracts of up to ten years that, on expiry, automatically “roll over” into another contract of the same length. This leaves some locked into unwanted services. Aggressive recovery tactics for those who cannot or will not pay allegedly have included sending a bailiff to a customer’s home.

In a report published in 2018, the Competitions and Markets Authority said that rollovers could leave people feeling “ripped off, let down and frustrated” but, unfortunately, they are legal and difficult for clients to challenge. Citation is not unique in using long contracts which automatically renewal.  It is a common business model for consultancy businesses.  The attractions for them are obvious but there is little benefit for clients.  Clients are often persuaded to sign these contracts on the basis that they will be paying a lower fee but the fees can still be very high.  These arrangements can also seem more attractive for clients than paying high hourly rates to solicitors.

At Keelys, we offer a third way (to quote Tony Blair!).  We don’t force clients to pay high hourly rates for employment advice but nor do we expect them to sign up to multi year contracts.  We simply offer an annual contract which provides unlimited advice on employment law issues for a low monthly fee.  The contract does not automatically renew but, in practice, the vast majority of clients are happy with the service (and the cost) and they renew year after year.

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