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Keelys puts best foot forward for Lichfield Half Marathon

Lichfield_Half_Marathon_2017We are delighted at Keelys to have teamed up to become a major sponsor for the Lichfield Half Marathon, which takes place on May 7.

The Lichfield Half Marathon continues to grow in popularity and has become very much a source of pride for our town. With each passing year it captures the imagination and helps to showcase our beautiful historical city.

On top of this, so many good causes are helped, so it makes sense for the community in Lichfield and the surrounding area to get behind this fantastic occasion.

We are fortunate in that we have quite a team of amateur runners at our practice who will be taking part in the run.  There will also be Keelys water bottles on hand to hydrate the runners.

In many ways it would be fair to say that the name Keelys will never have been so welcomed in the town, especially if the weather is warm!

We also take this opportunity to praise the organiser KP Events for its part in the growth of the Lichfield Half Marathon.

There is a professional and ambitious team there who build meaningful relationships with its partners, and we hope Keelys can add to the success of this great event.

We hope 2017’s Lichfield Half Marathon is the best event yet.

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