A Further Update: Proposed Changes to Residential Evictions | An Indefinite Delay to Section 21 Evictions

The Update

In a recent update to The Renters (Reform) Bill, which has been said to be one of the most significant pieces of legislation for the private sector in the past 30 years, the Government has halted its plans to implement the abolition of the Section 21 procedure of the Housing Act 1988, otherwise known as ‘no-fault evictions’.

The Bill was a part of the Government’s manifesto pledge in the 2019 General Election but the Government has since decided to delay the ban indefinitely until court reforms have been implemented. The Housing Secretary, Michael Gove, has said that the ban cannot be enacted before a series of improvements have been made to the court system in terms of the possession process so that HMCTs is fully prepared for the changes. This includes moving more of the process online and a better process to prioritise certain cases, including those involving anti-social behaviour.

Such court reforms are unlikely to be implemented for a number of years and will certainly not happen during the lifetime of the current Conservative Government; it is yet to be seen, however, whether the Labour Party would revive the plans should they win the next general election.

Keelys LLP – Our Services

It is certainly true to say that the court process can be frustrating and lengthy, and reforms to the current system are overdue.

Here at Keelys we have a team of experienced litigation solicitors who are here to help provide you will all legal advice and support in relation to residential evictions – whether you are the landlord or the tenant.

We offer fixed fee Section 21 claims as laid out below:-

  1. To review your initial documentation and to provide you with advice on the next steps, a fixed fee capped at £150 plus VAT
  2. £150 plus VAT to draft and serve notice
  3. £475 plus VAT to commence court proceedings (plus a court issue fee of £355 no VAT applicable)
An Indefinite Delay to Section 21 Evictions

For further information and / or to discuss the position in further detail, please contact our Patrick Farrington or Elly Bassan on 01543 420 000 or pfarrington@keelys.co.uk.

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