2019 – What does it hold in these unusual times?

As we get ready to welcome in a New Year, it is safe to say that most of us are looking at 2019 somewhat warily.

However, despite the ongoing drama surrounding Brexit, regardless of which way you voted, it seems sensible to try and strike a balanced message as we say goodbye to 2018.

As solicitors at the heart of the Lichfield community, we have found the ‘B’ word cited in practically every conversation in recent times.

It is fair to say, as we edge nearer to the actual date that interest in the subject and its impact on some of the businesses we work has become even greater.

So what can we expect for sure in uncertain times?

Well, being totally pragmatic, we can still expect businesses to carry on doing business with each other. People will still buy goods, sell goods and trade will continue. Businesses will fail, new ones will emerge and the world will keep spinning on its axis.

Whilst this seems the obvious thing to say, and it’s not meant to be churlish, it is worth pointing out that in an age of 24/7 news media, and the added fuel of social media, it is easy to get too wrapped up in the ‘what ifs,’ of the future.

However, despite this, we at Keelys have had a very busy end to the year. We are still seeing an active property market and business’s continuing to move forward and invest in their future.

Lest we forget, the UK, is still home to many of the world’s leading companies, and despite the atmosphere of these modern times, it’s safe to say this will continue to be the case.

Like all of us in business and the watching public, we at Keelys Solicitors will continue to look on as the Brexit drama continues to unfold and trust that whatever the outcome, Britain will get on with doing business.

During 2019, we’ll still be here to help whatever your personal and business circumstances, so if you would like to discuss any legal issue, then you are most welcome to contact us.

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