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Losing a loved one

It is a sad fact of life, that we will all go through times of grief at some point in our lives. Whether this is the loss of the loss of a close family member or a friend, bereavement can impact people in different ways.

If you have recently lost someone dear to you and are struggling with your feelings of grief and loss, you may find it useful to get some professional help.  Mind are able to offer reassurance and advice to help you deal with your grief and you can visit their website at:

In addition to dealing with your loss, you may also have the added responsibility of administering their estate which for some can be quite overwhelming to say the least. This is especially true when it comes to the often contentious matter of selling the property.  It may be that this is the family home filled with fond childhood memories that is so hard to part with or there be conflicting views on whether the house should be sold at all.  At Keelys we recognise the importance of sensitivity at times of bereavement and family loss and we will deal with such matters sympathetically.

The Administration of an Estate

The administration of any estate in England and Wales can involve many aspects that you might not consider.  If there is a Will the estate will be divided as per that Will but if there is no Will then it will be in the intestacy rules that dictate how the estate should be distributed.  

For the majority of larger estates and those involving a property there will need to be an application for a grant of representation whether or not there is a Will.  At Keelys we can assist you with this process including reporting the estate to HM Revenue and Customs.  Thereafter if you wish we can also assist in calling in the assets of estates and distributing them accordingly or setting up a trust depending on what is required.  

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