Festive family issues often overlooked at time of merriment

Most of us look at the Christmas break as a time of great joy, where we can relax and make memories with loved ones.

However, not all Christmases are created equally and for some the festive season is a time that crystallises problems in relationships.

It is the time of the year when some couples, whose relationship has been under strain decide they want a new life.

After all, a mixture of being in the same company as someone much more than normal, poor weather which keeps people indoors, family pressures of meeting some relations you would rather not, and an over indulgence of alcohol can be a volatile cocktail.

Traditionally, we all see the New Year as a new start, and some exasperated by 12 months of living with someone they would rather not make life changing resolutions.

It is for this reason that it is little wonder that the early part of the New Year is a busy one for family lawyers in Lichfield and elsewhere in the UK.

As family law experts in Lichfield who have met people from all walks of life going through such trials and tribulations, we can’t pretend that going through a separation or divorce is anything other than a very stressful time, which is one of life’s most challenging issues.

However, what all our clients have in common is that we are acutely aware of the emotions involved and take this fully into consideration, so that we can offer support and reassurance.If you need help with a family matter or wish to discuss divorce or separation, then please contact our family team who are here to help.

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