Keelys pedal for charity

At lunchtime on Wednesday 3 May an intrepid group of 11 members of Keelys’ staff stepped away from their desks and got on their bikes, all for charity.   

From the serious cyclists to the “I haven’t been on one of these things for 20 years”, the team pedalled furiously for an hour to get as virtually far as they could – the aim of the day being to cover maximum miles. Not even being saddle sore and aching legs stopped the team from smiling, joking and managing to belt out a few 80s hits along the way too. “Don’t You Want Me” has never sounded like that before and probably never will again. Beast mode was also heard on several occasions.

All too soon it was over and in true lawyer style the competitive questioning of how far did you go began. Although distance was key, the important thing was that each one of the team did the best they could and had fun whilst raising money for a very worthwhile cause. You can’t ask for more than that. Collectively the team cycled a distance of 168 miles.

The event was enjoyed by all the team so much so that a couple of them were later overheard in conversation about hosting spinning classes in Keelys’ offices. You have been warned! Right then Tour de France next anyone?

If you would like to sponsor Keelys’ pedallers you can donate here

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