Mediation producing a brighter future for couples who don’t want a lifetime of hurt

Dealing with marriage break up is sadly part and parcel of family law experts day to day working lives.

However, no matter how much we accept it as an aspect of our jobs, it still can be difficult at times when we see divorces where the couples find it very difficult to reach an agreement and the case inevitably leads to court proceedings.

Of course, that is not always the case and many couples can move on with their lives as amicably as possible.

With the week of January 21-25 being National Mediation Week it makes good sense to talk about avoiding conflict in marriage breakdown.

Collaborative law, as we know it, is a sensible approach to divorce.

It involves couples sitting down with their respective specialist family solicitors, face to face, to work on a solution.  It isn’t for all situations, and it can only be successful if the parties have a desire for it to work and if the parties are totally honest.

This Collaborative Family Law approach prevents the expense and emotional turmoil of going to court.

It is worth adding also that you still benefit from having your own independent legal advisor, but it takes away the threat of court proceedings.

Many more family law cases are being dealt with in this way and it has to be welcomed.

It avoids prolonged legal battles and in our view is generally a positive course of action, which should be pursued with legal advice to ensure that the right decisions are made for the future.

Thankfully, mediation is now helping to make a very difficult part of a person’s life, which causes great upheaval that little bit easier at an emotionally draining time.

If you wish to know more please contact the family law team at Keelys. We are here to help.

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