Relationships during self-isolation

2020 has already proved to be an exceptional and uncertain year. Whilst most people in households spend only half their time at home due to work commitments they are now forced to spend more time together than ever before.  We have all had to adapt setting new routines, exercising together, learning new hobbies and skills to attempt to eliminate the boredom and settling into a work schedule from home.

The strain that the lockdown is putting on our lives is immense. We will all face emotional, financial and distressing times at some point within our lives but under the lockdown these stresses can be magnified. It’s a lot of change all at once. Worries about job security, finances and uncertainty about the future can bring issues to the surface. This impacts on our families and loved ones.

We are here to listen and reassure

If you are having thoughts of separation, divorce or where domestic abuse is involved in your relationship we urge you to get in touch with us now rather than letting things fester and get worse.

According to sources from BBC, reports of domestic abuse have soared by 25% since the lockdown started in March. We urge you to look for help; talk to family and friends or lend a hand to those you suspect might need assistance of a toxic relationship.  Advice and support can also come from charities such as Refuge who operate a 24 hour helpline.

Our family legal team can offer support with a caring and professional manner. Ultimately, not all marriages and partnerships end up in divorce or separation. We can refer you and your partner/spouse to mediation and counselling services before you make your final decisions on your way forward. If you do decide to separate, our team are proud members of Resolution, an organisation who may be able to help make the passage of starting a new life as smooth as it can be

Why choose Keelys?

We at Keelys have a lot of experience in helping and advising people through a divorce. We provide clear professional advice in a reassuring, caring and practical way backed by many years of experience specialising in this area of law.

We are open and here to help. We can take instructions by Telephone, Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp video. Even if you are self-isolating we can make arrangements for advice and guidance in this difficult time. Call us on 01543 420 000 or visit for more detail.

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