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Solid housing market welcome news for summer

As most people are aware, the housing market is always seen as an essential indicator of the economy and with that in mind, we at Keelys welcome a recent survey showing conveyancers in the UK have a substantial workload.

Conveyancers were kept very busy at the start of the year, according to the latest market tracker by search company Search Acumen.

The organisation uses Land Registry data to examine competitive pressures, and counted 271,546 transaction volumes between January and March – which is the highest recorded since 2016, when 286,485 were recorded between April and June.

It added that firms were on the whole reporting the busiest quarter since July-September 2016.

With us at Keelys being very much entrenched in conveyancing in Lichfield, it provides statistical back-up of what we are seeing, with Lichfield and Staffordshire’s property market really appearing buoyant.

The summer is the time of the year when the housing market has even greater focus than normal, so it is good to report that all the signs are promising.

It is fair to say that we are in a somewhat cautious times economically, as the ongoing uncertainties over what exactly Brexit means is something that is constantly kept front of mind in the media.

The economy is something, which is hugely dependent on confidence, so all reports that the UK is striding ahead boldly has to be welcomed.

For those a little more reticent about what the future entails, it is worth adding that the UK continues to be a vital place for the world to do business.

To add to this, London is not so far away, and places like Lichfield, which is seen as so quintessentially middle-England, are more sought after than ever as places for a good standard of living.

As Lichfield conveyancing specialists, we would add that if you are thinking about moving, it is so important to call on experts who will take great care in handling conveyancing in a way that will ensure no major issues. Property moves are stressful and cannot be left to those who cut corners.

If you would like to know more about our conveyancing services in Lichfield, then please get in touch with us at Keelys.

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