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The Collaborative Law Process for Family Law Cases – New Video

Virtually everyone knows someone whose marriage has come to and end and has heard the stories of how it took years to resolve all of the issues and to unwind the finances & assets created during the marriage.

We may also have heard the stories of the ill feeling and stress that sometimes occurs during the process, the effects of which last for years and infect the future relationships with new & old partners and children.

Increasingly, we now also hear of the delay in finalising the divorce because of waiting for the court to list the hearing and having to go through hoops which neither party were happy with, and which caused even more delay and distress.

There is a better way to divorce called the Collaborative Law Process, but most people have either not heard of it or their lawyer is not able to provide the service.

Keelys have been involved in championing the Collaborative Law Process and have now helped to create a video which explains the Collaborative Law Process. This is now available on our Family & Matrimonial Law section of this website.

Keelys family lawyers are all Collaboratively trained and are there to help you avoid court; the delays & stress and to let you deal with your divorce which avoids the ill feeling that the court process can leave you with.

Please watch the new video and contact us for more information.

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