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The Impact of Employment Tribunal Fees

Since 29 July, employees have had to pay fees to bring employment tribunal claims. The employment tribunal service has now published data on the impact of this on the numbers of claims being submitted. Prior to the introduction of fees, about 4,000 claims were submitted per month. In July, that shot up to 7,307 as claimants rushed to submit their claims before they had to pay a fee. In August the figure fell to 3,645 and then plummeted to just 1,117 in September. The Ministry of Justice note that a claim is not entered onto the internal case management system from which statistical data are extracted until the relevant fee is paid or remission application granted. This means that there may be a number of claims presented in August or September, but formally accepted at a later stage. Nonetheless, this data does indicate that the introduction of fee is having a substantial impact on the number of claims being submitted.

If you are an employee with a potential tribunal claim, we may be able to help you with payment of the fees if you have a good case. Call our employment team on 01543 420490 for more information on our “no win no fee” service.

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