Ways to write your Will

Planning your Will

There are numerous ways to write a Will. From doing it yourself, to appointing a qualified legal representative. Everyone over the age of 18 in the UK can have a Will drafted and executed. Before deciding on which route to write your Will, it is important to consider all the beneficiaries and your assets. If your arrangements involve more legal and taxation advice, it is strongly advised that you appoint a regulated body to assist you with the drafting and executing of the Will.

In theory you can write your wishes and Will on a scrap of paper, and provided it is signed by two witnesses, it should be legally binding. But would you really want to trust this route and risk the security of your assets? Without legal guidance, mistakes can be made. So, it is important to consider using regulated solicitor.

Do it yourself Will Writing

DIY Will writing is known as the cheapest way to write your Will usually starting from £20. Online services usually provide Will templates for an individual to choose from, so it is important to have some basic knowledge regarding Wills. Ideally if you have quite simple affairs where you are married and wish to leave a small estate to your immediate family, these services may suffice. But beware that common mistakes are made such as misspellings of names, wrong addresses, or failure to provide signatures properly, will invalidate your Will. Would you really want to chance your wishes for saving a couple of pounds?

Will Writing services

Once more, may be a suitable option if you have some basic knowledge on Wills or have a straightforward Will. A Will Writing service can be cheaper than a solicitor and more reliable than a DIY Will, but it is important to know that these services do not have the same regulations as solicitors. Furthermore, they will not offer the protection if something is incorrect or there are added complications which they cannot advise on.

Using a regulated and qualified solicitor

Solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and give you more protection than Will writing services who are not generally regulated. Seeking advice is especially important if there are any complications, for instance if you are an unmarried couple or have children from previous relationships. If you are concerned for the protection of your estate where a Power of Attorney will need to be added, speak to our local Wills and Probate team at Keelys.

In addition to all the above to consider, our Probate and Wills Solicitors are also able to advise on complex trust and tax planning matters to an exceptional level.

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